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Create a distinctive focal point with a custom 3D printed basin made of sand. With their unique materiality and wide range of forms and colours, Aqvato custom basins will add a touch of lux ambience to any bathroom.

Reimagining sand as a material

SANDHELDEN is a German manufacturer producing basins from sand using 3D printing technology. Their innovative manufacturing process allows the creation of shapes that are not possible with conventional production methods resulting in beautifully distinctive pieces with a uniquely intriguing materiality.

Living Design are the exclusive New Zealand distributors of Aqvato. Get in touch with us to see how these premium basins can elevate your bathroom.

Every home has a living rhythm

It’s this gentle hum and cadence composed of people and space that we listen for. A true craftsperson can capture that rhythm, and bring to life an environment that works in harmony with the natural movement of its inhabitants.


71 Trafalgar Road

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