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IMI Concrete

IMI Concrete

With our exclusive IMI concrete surfaces we offer solutions for almost every application, from benchtops, to furniture, and floors.

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IMI Concrete Bench Tops

It looks like concrete. IMI Concrete Plus is a mineral mass with natural marble shares. However, weighing less than concrete, it is much more flexible to use. The surface is sealed with a special resin and the coating is fully grouted, making it very hard and resilient.

The combination of light-weight material and hard surface is ideal for restaurants, hotels, shop furnishings and kitchens. It is an attractive option for counters and worktops with a 3D depth effect. Bench tops are manufactured and delivered precisely to your wishes.

Precise detailing

We can cut, mitre and fix the material with the same machinery we produce your kitchen with, resulting in precise and exact detailing. Handle cutouts for fully integrated dishwashers and fridges, rebated handle detail for handle-free kitchens, mitred corners – nothing is impossible.

IMI Concrete Brochure

IMI Concrete for Furniture

The IMI Concrete “smooth formwork” surface is ideal for decorative use in industrial design.

Achieve the aesthetic of imperfection with the original open-pore look of concrete, yet a smooth, haptic water resistant surface. Possible applications are tables, furniture pieces, furniture fronts, bookshelves and many more. It is indistinguishable from the original.

IMI Concrete for Outdoor

Objects in the garden are often subjected to extreme weather. The Outdoor board of IMI is an extremely robust, resilient, and ecologically harmless product. As a modern composite material, it is much lighter and easier to process compared to original construction materials. Garden furniture, objects and walls can be produced and improved with these Outdoor boards. Set new accents in garden design.

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